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Renovation Glass Installation in Chicago, Illinois

Renovation Glass Installation

Turn to Christopher Glass and Aluminum in Chicago, Illinois, when you need the best in renovation and new construction glass installation services.


Chicago, the city where the skyscraper was born, has a rich architectural history. In recent years, many older buildings have come under increased scrutiny as the city of Chicago mandates critical building examinations.

As a renovation contractor, Christopher Glass and Aluminum can proactively work to mitigate many of the issues older buildings face, whether they are related to windows, curtain walls, skylights, or glass and glazing.

Rejuvenating your building's exterior is our specialty. By utilizing the latest technology in testing and a bare-knuckles approach to forensics, we will find solutions to your toughest problems.

We understand that renovation requires patience, coordination, and the ability to minimize disruptions. Our goal is to provide the design and the products—manufactured to meet your needs by our partner vendors—that will exceed the toughest specifications. We aim to preserve, update, and maintain a building's rich history without taking away from its past.

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