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grand staircase

Anchored by oncology services, the AMITA Health Cancer Institute & Outpatient Center is designed to uplift patients by bringing the outside indoors. The two-story gathering space, at the heart of circulation in the building, features a hanging leaf sculpture that appears to float above those accessing medical oncology, radiation oncology, imaging and the clinic.

While anchored by oncology services, this center’s design intent is to uplift patients. The “Compass of Healing” theme is symbolic of the patient’s journey through treatment. The compass’ cardinal points have been replaced with words, emotions, and colors that embody the mission of the Adventist Health System: Love and the color red symbolize north; hope and the color green represent east; faith and the color gold signify south, and peace and the color violet denote west. Transforming this symbolism into a navigational tool, the interior architecture features a compass design on the lobby floor with ribbons in the representative colors flowing from the compass to the appropriate functions.

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