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Estimating Team

Our professional Estimating Team works hard to provide you with the best possible bid estimate for your project. We study your unique specifications and related documents to accurately identify costs for materials, labor, and time. 

We look forward to working with you soon.

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Our Process

Construction estimating is an integral facet of the construction process. Construction estimators are responsible for researching, crafting, and presenting a comprehensive cost analysis of a construction project. Creating a detailed cost estimate is a time consuming and detailed process. Each construction project is unique. The individual characteristics of a construction project including the client’s vision, the design team’s input, the availability of labor and materials, and budgetary considerations can all have an impact on the final bid. As such, not every estimate is the same. Our Estimators follow a proven process so that accurate bids are created and projects are completed.

Invitation to Bid / Request for Proposals are received, entered, reviewed at our weekly team meeting then assigned to an Estimator.

The Estimator studies the bid documents and begins compiling best costs for specified and needed products from our catalog of vendors and suppliers. If clarification or additional information is needed for bid accuracy, the Estimator will issue an RFI.

A detailed cost analysis is created along with a comprehensive list of all the materials required for the construction project also known as a Material Takeoff. All of this is accomplished after a full understanding of the scope of the project is understood.

Once completed, the Estimator will present all of their documents at an in-house review meeting where their work will be checked for accuracy and feasibility. Either it is approved to submit, or, additional work may be required.

After the final review process is completed, and approval granted from the department leader, the Estimator will submit the entire bid package and all supporting documentation in the hopes that the project will be awarded to our company.

When a bid package is accepted and our company receives a contract, the Estimator will hand-off the entire package to our Operations and Project Management departments who will refer to all of the prepared bid documents for reference throughout the project.

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