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This project included the construction of the 8-story, 300,000 square-foot, building along with the connecting link walkway which joins the West Pavilion with the North Pavilion. Christopher Glass & Aluminum, Inc. furnished and installed punched opening windows, curtainwall system with spandrel glass and vision glass to the exterior. There is a total of 179 individual window opening, plus 8 more at the roof level. There are also two curtainwalls located on the east & west elevations. The windows vary in size, but most are typically 9’7” x 8’11”. Christopher Glass & Aluminum, Inc. ran two crews of Union glaziers, one crew installed the individual windows and the other crew installed the two curtainwalls. All glass installed were high performance, energy-efficient panels with a U-Factor of 0.30 or below.

The major aspects of the curtainwall systems included a curved/segmented gradual radius design with every piece segmented with no straight cut horizontals. The window systems had to pass two-chamber water tests, one for curtainwall and one for punched openings / framed storefront installation. In addition to the building façade, Christopher Glass and Aluminum, Inc. furnished and installed all exterior entrance doors including automatic operator doors and the 1-story curtainwall system with entrance doors for the connecting link.

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