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sable hotel at

navy pier

Chicago is defined by its relationship to Lake Michigan, but because of the Burnham Plan, a hotel on Navy Pier would be the only location that would have the opportunity to provide the experience of looking back at the postcard view of the Chicago skyline. 

Guestrooms offer a window seat from which to view and connect with the City. The angled surface orientation creates a textured exterior that subtly reflects the ever-changing range of light, shadow, and color of the Lake. This project is currently under construction. 

The first hotel at Chicago’s landmark Navy Pier is intended to be sophisticated,  to reflect it’s urban context,  but also relaxed, the perfect spot at the place where the city meets the lake. 

The design of the hotel celebrates the unique assets of its location on Navy Pier. Capitalizing on views with a front row “window seat” in each guestroom, it provides the perfect one-of-a-kind spot to frame the city’s famed skyline and Lake Michigan. 

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